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HELLO! :D; ☺
DMD02! :D
3:16 PMTuesday, June 24, 2008 ☺;


We are all in school now.((: Huitain is talking to Shuiran, leaving US alone. SO SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD WE ARE SO POOOOR THING! SHIYI finally 'kai qiao'. HES DOING HIS HW NOW. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Minghui laughs laughs. AHH
NTH TO DO! Yixiong then comes over to take the thumbdrive frm Huitian. HAHA RDM. Minghui says we are having CODID and COLOUR lecture ltr and we will sure be slping. She stole my DS and plays her Cooking Mama. -.-



♥3:16 PM,

DMD02! :D
8:12 PMThursday, May 22, 2008 ☺;


This blog is so dead. GOSH. NO UPDATES! Haha. But nvm, since no one is updating it, i shall be the one doing it. HOHO. 5 weeks have passed! This is the 6th week. Hope everyone is still coping well with what we are doing now ayee?(: What we are doing everyday is drawing, drawing and more drawing! All of us couldnt get enough slp): I rmb that once Tengku said, 'How do you identify a DMD student? See if they have eyebags.' HAHA its true lah. I agree totally! :D So everyone should get enough slp too! School is getting busier and busier. Weather is getting hotter and hotter! Okay, i noe im super rdm. Hehhs.

Last day of orientation! Where we were strangers.

Till our 1st cosplay! :D We did have fun right?((:

This is our class DMD02 KAZOKU! :D:D

YAY! Okayy i shall go back to my design fund assignment :/ Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


♥8:12 PM,

Welcome All KAZOKUian; ☺
DMD02! :D
8:53 PMSaturday, April 12, 2008 ☺;

YoYo , Hows You All Doing ?? This Is KaZoKu Family's Blog And I Hope You All Enjoy , Feel Free For Any KAZOKUians To Come And Give Ideas To Edit This Web ! Thx Thx


♥8:53 PM,

..OuR FaMiLy TarGeT..
1. To be the best designers.
2. To be the most hardworking students.
3. To be a FAMILY foever.

1)yi X i0ng . Class head
2)S hi yi. Ah beng
3)Jarryl . OST clan - head
4)J0e L . OST clan - L
5)Ju n Wei . OST clan - KARAS
6)I ss ac . Smart kid
7)AN Drew . CHao LAMER
8)D0 mi niQUE . HAM HAM
9)AnTo nio . OST clan -cutie pie
10)RA shhi dee . DD chilly
11)Ari an tto . OST clan -ari baba
12) ronGxin . OST clan - roxy
13)Sam Sam . OST clan - cordinatoor
14) hui ti An . OST clan - Candy
15)Jo ei . OST clan - QIQI
16)Ming hui . elf
17)Michelle 1 . bakeR
18)Michelle 2 . sliencer
19) Shan . Pencil
20)teng ku . Class ASSI. mai siao siao
21) Hui yu . 格格
22)Hwee lee . SHhhhs..

OGL ~ Jacqueline
OGL ~ Xin Lin

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